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Crafty Half hour- PLUS

This blog is by Gill Aitchison, one of the Crafty Half hour participants

Joining a new club can make you feel both nervous and excited. Pre Covid restrictions I would probably pluck up the courage to walk through the door, slide into the back row, work out the dynamics of the group and decide if it was right for me. With an online club, once the last digit of the password is entered, you are part of the patchwork of faces on screen and instantly become a member of the group.

A pattern that Christina (a member of the group) has adapted and shared

A friend told me about the Green Health Craft Club and as I had taken up knitting and card making again, I decided to join because I was looking for company, advice and inspiration from other crafty and like-minded people. The initial email from Mhairi (Green Health Development Worker) giving joining details was extremely welcoming and explained that the club was currently online, but the hope was eventually to meet at the Ninewells Garden where we could craft together, share tips and tricks and invite skilled craftspeople to give a demonstration. I have always promoted lifelong learning, so it sounded good to me.

At my first club meeting, Mhairi, along with her co-worker Helena, asked everyone to introduce themselves and then started the conversation by asking about crafts and projects in progress. Their manner is very engaging and inclusive, so it’s much more than a show and tell session, the follow up conversations and range of topics covered are very diverse – from stories of old Dundee, to plants to deter cats from your garden, to technical advice and of course the weather.

Craft people are naturally Creative, Resourceful, Artistic, Flexible and Talented

in addition I have found the members of the Green Health Craft Club to be

Caring, Respectful, Appreciative of others’ crafts, Friendly and Talkative.

In my opinion the group is knitting together nicely!

A few of the Christmas Cards Liz (one of the Craft club members) has been making.

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  1. Great description of this fabulous group. Always look forward to Wednesday afternoon.
    Will the meeting at Ninewells be inside , just wondering as I can’t go out in the sun . So hopefully this group will continue for a while xx


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