Bread and Butter Pudding

Volunteer Christina has shared her Bread and Butter pudding recipe with us.

Recently there has been a large push to avoid food waste and some folk think this is a new phenomenon. This is however not the case as this recipe shows the older generations found ways to make interesting and tasty dishes rather than throw away.

The basis of this recipe is the last of the loaf which has gone a bit stale and any dried fruit you have in cupboard, adaptions can be made in type of bread, and fruit and you can even use some jam on the slices if you wish. Play around with it as you wish I’ve done it with most types of bread…..brioche is particularly nice, especially if it has chocolate chips!!! Scone on the other hand I found were a wee bit heavy but still work! My favourite though is cheap white bread from the reduced shelf in supermarket. It goes into freezer in packs of 3 slices and I bring it out as needed for this recipe or bread sauce – another favourite of mine!! The photos in this blog is of a pudding I made last week from bread that was bought at Christmas for the bread sauce with Christmas dinner and has been in the freezer since!!

So to recipe itself. It’s another from my school home economics class if you read the previous blog about the rhubarb crumble recipe ( look back to blogs in December as rhubarb is in the garden just now ready for picking!)


2-3 slices of bread

10 g butter to spread

1/2 a pint of milk

1 medium egg

25 g sugar

25 g dried fruit….can be raisins, sultanas, dates, apricots, cranberries, or a mixture, just play around with what you’ve got in cupboard.


  1. Grease an oven proof dish
  2. Spread your butter onto bread slices and cut into squares.
  3. Warm your milk to blood temperature. ( I find 2 minutes on low heat in microwave does it but you can warm in a pan on hob)
  4. Beat egg in a small bowl or mug.
  5. Layer your bread in your dish sprinkle with half of sugar and dried fruit then put another layer of bread with butter side up and sprinkle top with rest of sugar. This does not need to be too precise…..more fruit, put some jam on some of you slices and reduce sugar, change the dried fruit do as you feel. I like apricots so have done it with dried apricots as the fruit and put apricot jam on a slice of the bread and it was very nice.
  6. This is the precise bit, the milk has to be warm, but not too warm, as at this point you add a small amount of milk to the egg mix and then put egg mixture into all of milk. This means the egg doesn’t curdle. It is then poured over the bread/fruit layers. The bread should be almost covered so using a fork press your bread down under milky mixture if necessary. Leave to sit and soak for at least 30 minutes.
  7. Pre heat your oven at 180C or gas Mark 5
  8. Cook for 30-45 minutes……this depends on the depth of you dish etc but the mixture should be custard so if you put a knife into middle you should not see runny eggy mixture …if you do it needs longer in oven. The dish in the photos takes 30 minutes but if I do it in a round casserole dish it takes the 40-45 minutes.
Bread and Butter Pudding, after baking

Serve and enjoy with cream, ice cream, evaporated milk, fruit sauce, or as it comes….the choice is yours.

Recipe text and photos by Christina Howie

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