Get counting! The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

This year the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch will take place between 29th and 31st January 2021, under slightly different circumstances. This is the world’s largest bird survey – join in if you can!

Last year NCG hosted a group of volunteers to participate from the comfort of the Leaf Room. Highlights for me were the arrival of the local woodpecker, and a jay, neither of which I had ever seen.

This year we are being encouraged to participate from the safety of our own gardens or balconies. Of course you can count from a window if you don’t have an outdoor space, but overlook a green space or garden. Trustee Jim is hoping to video the birds in the garden over the Big Birdwatch weekend and will post any video he gets onto our Ninewells Youtube Channel

These are some of our feathered visitors to the Ninewells community garden and arboretum

All the details can be found on the RSPB website including printable resources and bird ID sheets.

You can submit your count to the RSPB online and of course we’d love to hear about what you see during your bird counting hour.

Thanks to Marjie Spence for the text, and Christina Howie for the photos of the 2020 Big Garden Birdwatch


  1. Grußtig aus Berlin! Over here we’ve had a group of blue tits (Blaumeisen) and coal tits (Kohlmeisen) among our usual sparrows, corvids and starlings this season. Good luck for your watch!


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