male blackbird looking up

Christina’s Big Garden Birdwatch 2021

Volunteer Christina has written us a blog about her Big Garden Birdwatch this year.

Last year I was up at The Ninewells garden with a group of volunteers and friends in the leaf room counting birds as part of RSPB Great Birdwatch. I remember great excitement when we saw a Jay. It became one of my new skills of 2020, apart from giant leaps in technology, I was able to spot a Jay and have seen many more since on my dog walks around the arboretum.

This year it was obviously going to be different. I did take my camera with me on walk this morning up to The Ninewells garden but unfortunately didn’t get it out in time to get the four deer who walked across Tom MacDonald Drive in front of Zen and I, but I did get their hoof marks in the snow!

Anyway back to birds, there were already folk at the bird feeders in the Ninewells garden so we came back to my original plan of my own living room widow and looking out to my own garden. There weren’t as many birds, as in Ninewells garden, but I did have fun watching what appeared to be bird wars, firstly between a robin and sparrow, that came to a head when the sparrows pals came too and robin gave up chasing!!! The next episode was Mr Blackbird with Mrs following on a short time later but when another female arrived Mrs chased her off very sharply!!! Just like my own little soap opera!!

My last visitor was a pigeon which after sitting on my neighbour’s roof for awhile decided to come down too so completed my list!!!

Pigeon standing on a roof, with blue sky as a background
Pigeon on the roof

I enjoyed my hour sitting at the window with my pot of tea, some chocolate and my camera, thinking about nothing but which bird would be next, and watching the clouds rushing by bringing different seasons to my hour with rain, sleet and blue sky sunshine, guess when I got most birds!!!!

So here’s to January 2022 when, hopefully we’ll be able to have a group watch again though I think I may well do my single one again too as it was surprisingly enjoyable.

Photos and text by Christina Howie.

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