Meet our newest Trustee

img_4813“After volunteering at the garden for a time it seemed natural to get involved with the committee as a trustee when asked if I would be interested.  This was a new experience for me having never been a trustee before.  

I have been made to feel very welcome and have been picking up on the ins and outs as I go along, feeling confident that I can give my thoughts freely and offer my help to the work of the committee where I can.  I have assisted with the opening of the new Leaf Room at the garden, purchased furnishings, discussed the itinerary and the catering needs  – all of which was very interesting and exciting.  I have been learning new skills and building on my own existing knowledge which makes it an enjoyable and a worthwhile experience which I would recommend to anyone considering getting involved Laura Robertson

We are currently looking for new members of the board – for new members with skills and experience to contribute to the planning and strategic development of the garden as it develops and who have an understanding of the role or therapeutic and community gardens.  Time commitment is generally no more than 3 hours per week, with a monthly evening meeting in Dundee.

For a full role description or for more information please contact our garden facilitator at or call 0754 074 6075

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