Upcoming events

Tuesday 31st January 11am: planning a grass-free lawn.  We are hoping to give our orchard area a makeover by planting a low maintenance herbal lawn under the trees.  Come along to an initial meeting to find out more and share ideas for suitable plants – for more information http://www.grassfreelawns.co.uk/  All welcome, booking essential by emailing facilitator@ninewellsgarden.org.uk

Sunday 12th February 10am-12pm: Bird Watching in the Garden. Join Brian, our resident bird watcher to observe our feathered garden visitors. Please wrap up warmly. You may like to bring a camera, binoculars and a flask of something warm to drink.  All welcome, no booking required.

Thursday 16th February 2pm: Mosaic installation. Dundee Urban Orchard have given our mosaic it’s final touches.  Come along to see it being installed and find out more about upcoming mosaic and craft sessions.  All welcome, no booking required.

Thursday 23rd February 1-4pm: Co-design session and volunteer awards.  We’ll be working together to develop a vision for the garden.  How do we see the garden and charity develop?  What are the opportunities and challenges?  This workshop will take approximately 2 hours, after which we’ll have some refreshments and present our volunteers with their much deserved certificates!  All welcome, no booking required, please bring food or drink to share if you are able.

Volunteer Day Saturday March 25th 10am-3pm. Seasonal gardening tasks AND learn how to dowse for water with David Drummond – lets find those 9 wells!  All welcome; booking required if you would like to attend the dowsing workshop by emailing facilitator@ninewellsgarden.org.uk

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