Practicing small space gardening

To be honest my gardening ability is pretty poor and I have, in the past, been known to kill a spider plant. When I moved to the Dundee area just before I took up my post as Community Engagement Facilitator, I moved into a property with a small outdoor space, pretty devoid of any plant life, and completely covered over by paving stones and gravel. Some of the wall to wall stonework I am unable to change as I am not the owner of the house, but I can still change the environment and make it a little bit more green. 

Taking inspiration from Helena’s small space gardening workshops, I’ve managed to green up my small outdoor space.  Not completely, it’s only been a couple of months, but so far I haven’t managed to kill much, and my outdoors space looks much more inviting. I’ve even managed to grow some cracking potato plants using Helena’s Bag for Life technique

If you would like inspiration for your small outdoor space, your windowsill or even the space next to your front door, then take a look at our small space gardening resource sheet for hints and tips.

Oh and if anyone has some good ideas on how to stop your dogs from nibbling on your potted edibles, I’m all ears.


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