net bag with potatoes and a bag for life lying on the ground

Potato planting in a Bag for life (or big pot)

A quick and easy tutorial on how to plant potatoes if you can’t grow them in the ground by Helena, one of the Ninewells Garden Facilitators.

All you need to grow potatoes is a big pot, a bag for life, or an old (half) empty compost bag.

Get your bag or pot and fill it 1/3 full of peat free compost, soil, your own homemade compost, or a mix of any of those three in any proportions- I’ll call this compost in the description but it’s fine if you have used garden soil.

Add the seed potatoes to the top of the compost and cover them with another layer of compost, so you can’t see them anymore, there should still be space for plenty more compost to fit in the bag or pot.

Don’t forget to water the potatoes in, make sure there is at least one hole in the bottom of the bag or pot so extra water can drain away- potatoes don’t like to be too wet and could rot if they are left sitting in water.

Wait patiently and water the bag/pot if the compost feels dry. Once the green leaves are growing out of the compost, cover them with another layer of compost, covering the leaves, wait patiently again till the leaves are showing and cover again with more compost until your pot or bag is full.

The leaves will grow out again and there will be a nice long stem underground for more potatoes to grow from. Keep waiting and watering when the compost feels dry.

Once the potato plants start flowering you can harvest the potatoes when you are wanting to eat them. The plants won’t make any more potatoes this year once they start flowering.

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