Neighbours (Episode 3)

Volunteer Christina shares the third and last in the series of the Ninewells garden neighbours.

My last blog will complete the circle of neighbours around the garden with those to the south and east, having done north and east with Ninewells, and Maggies Centre in previous blogs.

Tom McDonald Avenue

The address of Ninewells garden is Tom McDonald Avenue, which sweeps up from roundabout at bottom of Ninewells Avenue around the west of Arboretum past Maggies and up to A&E department of Ninewells. It was named after the Lord Provost of Dundee from 1992-1995 who lived in the local area.

Clayhills Drive

Halfway up Tom McDonald Avenue is Clayhills Drive.This road and houses were built in the early 2000s. The road, Clayhills Drive, is named after the family of the previous owners of our last neighbour Invergowrie House.

Invergowrie House

Invergowrie House has been in existence in many guises for a long time with the oldest parts from 14th century. It had alterations carried out in the 1600s by its then owner Patrick Gray, and a major overhaul and expansion in 1837 by Alexander Clayhills of Invergowrie. The Clayhills family had been in possession of Invergowrie House over many generations but it was Alexander who left his mark. He was a prominent member of Dundee society in the mid 1800s when Dundee was a flourishing city with jute industry in its hay-day. Old photos of Invergowrie House, the plans for its expansion and the surrounding arboretum, for those interested, can be found on Canmore Scotland website and National Library of Scotland website who have historical maps of area which are great fun to study, some of which are interactive so you can superimpose current map on top.

Now it is split into various flats with different occupants with access via Ninewells east gate road and the various roads each named after a people with connections to Dundee scientific community or Ninewells….but that’s another story.

So our circle is complete with our neighbourly ring complete. Hope you have enjoyed this wee trip round the block and have a wee think about your own neighbourhood and see what you can find out. Have Fun.

View of Invergowrie house from the Arboretum, near the lookout mound

PS ever wondered about the mound at southwest corner of arboretum? It’s said to have been a lookout for servants of Invergowrie House. Whenever the owners due back one would stand on mound and when see carriage in distance run back to house to have welcome party ready. It was a vantage point for return from both Dundee and Perth directions as it still is today.

To find out more about the other neighbours see Episode 1 and Episode 2

Text and photos by Christina Howie

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