Well this time last year very few of us had heard of Covid and had no idea of what lay ahead but by Easter we all knew about it and had worked out our ways to cope with lockdown. All of us had little things that became big things and big things that became little. For me, and quite a few others by the number I saw stop to look and take a photo, was the pebble sign. It became a regular excitement on my daily walk with Zen at weekends to see if Brian had changed his message to the world. Here are a few of my favourite ones.

It began in April with support for NHS, we were told to “Stay Strong”and then “Stop and Listen.”

In May some of my personal favourites, “Busy Doin’ Nothin’” and “Bide at Hame”.

In June as things thankfully got better we had our “Open” sign and we had to “Ca Canny”.

August and we had pictures. First of an eye and then a flower.

September came and we had to “Be Green”, and “Relax”.

“Autumn” came in October and things were looking gloomy again so we were told “Not to Lose Heart”, as well as “Spooky Times”.

November was a time to “Remember” and now we have our winter scene set for Christmas.

2020 was a year like no other, documented in stones, thanks Brian you’ve kept us all going.

Photos by volunteer Christina and facilitator Helena


  1. Whatever happened to the saltire stone? I left that in the garden a while ago.
    We plan to paint more stones for the garden during this lockdown.


    1. Hi Raylene, we love your painted stones in the garden, and I think the other visitors love them to, they certainly seem to move around the garden. I’ve not seen your saltire one for a while…
      Looking forward to seeing your new creations.


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