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This blog is full of links to all sorts of information about Nature, why it’s good for us and where to see it virtually.

Importance of nature has been shown in studies over and over again, from reductions in hospital recovery times in wards overlooking greenspace, to improvements in self reported feelings of well being in people living on streets with trees. Our access to nature may be restricted just now, but we can still enjoy nature virtually. This article in The Conversation is about how we can still access and get the benefits from nature in the city, even in lockdown.

Who doesn’t love a Puffin? There are several PuffinCams set up that allow everyone to watch the puffins while they come back to land during their egg laying and chick rearing stage. Between March and July keep an eye on the puffins at Alderney

Wildlife Kate has lots of wildlife cameras and activities on this webpage allows you to experience the sounds of walking through the Caledonian pine woods in Summer, and those of a walk through the Floe Country in Spring, produced by Chris Watson, an acclaimed sound recordist.

Conservation International has a whole web page devoted to podcasts and and links to digital treks you can take from your couch.

If you want to see a red mason bee emerge from it’s cocoon and hear a little bit about their life cycle – here’s just the YouTube video for you by Brigit Strawbridge Howard

If you have a twitter account, there are some good hashtags to follow for plant pictures, including #WildFlowerHour, #GardensHour

@BSBIbotany is the account of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland, a great one to follow to see what is flowering just now.

@kewgarden (The Kew Botanical gardens) and @TheBotanics (Edinburgh Botanic Gardens) also post plenty of plant pictures, often with a bit of information about the plants in their collection.

@ScotlandBDS is the Scottish branch of the British Dragonfly society

Hopefully these suggestions will provide something of interest, let us know if there any great Nature links you like that we can share in the next Nature blog.

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