Botanical Migrations

Volunteer Christina contributed to the recipes for the Botanical Migrations exhibition and has written about it for us.

At the end of last year while walking past Ninewells garden I saw facilitator Helena on the phone so just waved rather than go in for chat, but she called me back. The phone call was about a poster exhibition for Mary Slessor Gardens and the organisers were looking for recipes with a story as inspiration for exhibits. Helena asked if I would be interested so I sent in my recipe for Rhubarb Crumble and the story behind it.

On a wet and windy day last week I had to go into town to the Bank, I did a wee detour across the road to see the posters. I found mine and some others I recognised as connected to volunteers from Ninewells garden and though I didn’t hang around for long, I did get some photos. It felt a bit weird to think my recipe, and the others, had in the artists head, turned into the tiles which when duplicated became the posters. I believe the QR codes in corner of the poster brings up the story behind it but my phone, and brain, aren’t set up for this so I can’t confirm but if you get the chance to go yourself, you can try but in the meantime enjoy my photos and see if you can match them with recipes on our previous blogs……Enjoy!!!!

Text and Photos by Christina Howie

The Sharing Not Hoarding Exhibition “Botanical Migrations” is on display in Slessor gardens until March 26th 2021. The Tiled images are by artist Mary Kwant, featuring plant ingredients grown in Dundee Community Gardens with links to recipes by garden volunteers at Ninewells Community Garden and MAXwell Community Garden.

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