One good thing leads to another

We are delighted to unveil our new logo, by Moorcroft designer Emma Bossons.  Emma’s design perfectly portrays our aim of gardening within a natural setting, providing solace for our volunteers and visitors.  Taking inspiration from our garden mosaic, the central gardener is bounded by the same leaf shape as the Leaf Room roof, and our location amongst trees and nature, particularly our noisy crow neighbours.  Emma has done a beautiful job of bringing together many elements that are important to us.  We are especially happy that the logo was inspired by the mosaic, which in turn was designed by a group of our garden users, led by artists Sarah Gittins and Jonathan Baxter of Dundee Urban Orchard.  A great demonstration of creative process in action!

Founded in 1897 by ceramicist William Moorcroft, W Moorcroft Ltd is one of the last remaining ceramic art companies in Stoke-on-Trent.  New designs are created by a small team of artists including Emma Bossons FRSA. A string of highly successful designs by Emma brought about a phenomenal rise to fame of the designer, who became the youngest female member of the Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts.  Emma has travelled the world with Moorcroft seeking design inspiration.  An example of her latest design work named ‘Group of Seven’ shown below, was inspired by the paintings of a famous group of contemporary Canadian landscape artists.



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