The Shed: chapter 3

opening 2012_nicola1

Time passes. Seasons come and go. Red and amber warnings are meaningless to a garden. Be it a Beast from the East putin’ icy blasts our way, or that Pest from the West trumpetin’ hot air – the garden remains open.

‘The Grand Opening’ 30th August 2012

It was Holly – the young holm oak who reminded me of that day. For over a year I had been used and abused by those making paths and planting borders. Holly had been plucked from nursery and transported to Ninewells on the pretext of having her roots done. There were more folk than normal in the garden, some even wearing suits. A buzz of anticipation in the air. Was there to be a royal visitor? Lack of fresh paint and no red carpet suggested not. Some said it was the Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing. I suppose cabinets do need checking for woodwork and the like…

It was Nico the Surgeon who appeared to say a few words (perhaps telling photographers it was alright to take pictures). With the aid of shiny spade and whilst standing on a piece of artificial turf she scattered earth on Holly’s resting place. So the garden was officially open. I wonder whatever happened to Nico? Still wielding a scalpel perhaps?


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