The Shed (chapter 2)

garden aprilHi! I should explain. Shedding light was just a nod to my new headgear. I’m now kitted out with motion detecting, solar powered headlamps. I’m slightly less alarmed now. To fully appreciate the dazzling display please attend the next midnight barbecue.

My little pal Ed, a mere shedling, would like to point out to all rodents that the indoor activities contained within him are closed. The play area, pool and fine dining experience are off limits whilst a fatal accident inquiry takes place. It’s thought (though pure speculation at the moment) that a bunch of voles, presumably playing lemmings, used the watering can spout as a flume to the splash pool. They came to a soggy end.

I was just about to mention… oh wood pigeons have dropped more messages on my new top hat…


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