The beautiful appearance of Snowdrops inspired volunteer Marjie to record their arrival. Volunteer Daisy retells a creation story of how the snow got its colour and why the snowdrops have a green patch on the side of the petal.

Long, long ago, when the world was young, the Creator had just finished making everything. The Creator gave everything a colour, so the roses got red, the daffodils got yellow, the snowdrops got white, and so on. Then, when the Creator had given all the colours away, the snow showed up. Can you give me a colour? the snow said. The Creator replied I’m sorry, but I’ve given all the colours away already. You’ll have to ask the flowers if they’ll give you theirs.

So the snow went to the flowers and asked them if they would share their colours. Will you give me some of your colour? the snow asked the roses. We don’t want to give some to you. The roses said. Then the snow went to the daffodils. Will you give me some of your colour? But the daffodils were too shy to talk to the snow. They just dipped their heads and stayed silent.

The snow asked all the flowers, and one by one they all said no. And then the snow asked the snowdrops. Will you give me some of your colour? it asked. Of course. the snowdrop said, and rubbed off a little colour from its petal onto the snow. The creator noticed this, and smiled. Since you were so kind, snowdrop, you can be the first to flower in Spring and spend time with the snow and be close to it.

And that is why snowdrops are the first flowers to come up after the snow, and why they have a green patch on the inside petal where they rubbed their colour off to give to the snow.

Photos by Marjie Spence, Story text retold by Daisy.

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